PhD Candidate, CUHK (2020-2024 [expected])




Claudia Isabelle Montero is presently a PhD Candidate in the Department of History at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, where she previously completed her MPhil in 2019. Her MPhil research revolved around the significance of history and culture in the context of built heritage preservation. Specifically, her study investigated the interpretation and implementation of the 2009 National Cultural Heritage Act within the urban setting of Manila, Philippines. Furthermore, Claudia served as a Junior Fellow for the Global Humanities Campus at the Freie Universität Berlin in Germany in 2018. Prior to her enrollment at CUHK, she obtained a Master’s degree in Architecture (MArch) with a specialization in Architectural Heritage Conservation from the esteemed University of the Philippines Diliman.

Claudia’s professional background includes being a licensed architect and a conservator experienced in the preservation of historic buildings. Her expertise lies in research documentation and condition survey assessment. She has actively engaged with nonprofit organizations, private clients, and government agencies in the Philippines, conducting research and providing consultancy services in areas such as material studies, conservation methodologies, and restoration practices. Notably, Claudia’s contributions extend to her role as a project architect for the National Museum of the Philippines in 2013. During her tenure, she assisted in the supervision of restoration endeavors pertaining to various National Cultural Treasures within the country. Claudia remains an active member of the International Committee for Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) and continues to participate in numerous heritage-related activities within and outside the Philippines.


Her ongoing research project delves into the intricate dynamics surrounding monuments and civic spaces in the Philippines, with a particular focus on their relationship within the context of American colonial urbanism. This interdisciplinary investigation intertwines two significant historical strands: the evolution of civic spaces as a decolonial phenomenon and the dissemination, reception, and dissemination of civic design in the Philippines as an integral component of national development. By merging these perspectives, Claudia aims to shed light on the complex interplay between urban planning, colonial influences, and the aspirations of nation-building in the Philippines.

Research Interests

  • Architecture, Urban, and Planning History
  • Public History
  • Built Heritage, and Heritage Conservation Practice
  • Monuments, Memorials, and Memory Culture


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