The MA in the field of Hong Kong History is taught by the Department of History and provides advanced training in the skills and methodologies of academic history. This MA focuses upon the modern history of Hong Kong as a part of global history. One required course introduces skills and methods in historical research and writing. Elective courses provide students with the ability to explore a variety of aspects of Hong Kong’s history. The MA dissertation is a capstone course in which students develop a specialist area of research under the guidance of an expert supervisor.

The MA curriculum comprises six courses and a dissertation, distributed in the following way:

  • 2 required core courses (9 credits each = 18 credits total)
  • 4 elective MA courses (9 credits each = 36 credits total)
  • 1 MA dissertation (12 credits)

All instruction is in English and assessment is 100% coursework, which may include discussion, oral presentations, research essays, and various kinds of short writing assignments.

Not all of the elective courses listed below will be offered each year.

On the full-time programme, taking six courses with a dissertation within one academic year is roughly equivalent to the workload of a full-time job.

MA Dissertation

(students write one dissertation, 12 credits)

HIST7999 Capstone Experience: MA Dissertation in Hong Kong History

Students focus on a specific research topic and write a dissertation of no more than 10,000 words, under the supervision of a recognized authority in the chosen field of inquiry.