Our MA is a one-year full-time (or two-year part-time) programme consisting of 60 credits of work:

- 1 required core course (9 credits)
- 3 MA electives (9 credits each = 27 credits total)
- 2 undergraduate electives (6 credits each = 12 credits total)
- 1 required dissertation of 10,000 words (12 credits)

In each of their courses, students should expect to read and analyze advanced scholarly texts and contribute to class discussions. All coursework is in English, though students may use sources in other languages for their research. The workload is heavy on reading and writing, comparable to that of a full-time job.

* Please click on the course titles below for their descriptions.

  Required Core Course

HIST7008 Doing Hong Kong History: Methods, Debates, and Sources (9 credits)

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  MA Electives
(students choose three, 9 credits per course)

HIST7009 Health and Medicine in Hong Kong

HIST7010 Histories of Childhood in Colonial Hong Kong (summer 2023)

HIST7011 Laws of Hong Kong in Global History

HIST7012 Hong Kong: Uncertain(city)

HIST7013 Planning and Building Hong Kong

HIST7014 Gender and Sexuality in Hong Kong

HIST7015 The History of Business in Hong Kong

HIST7016 Religion and Society in Hong Kong

HIST7017 Environmental History of Hong Kong

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  Undergraduate Electives
(students choose two, 6 credits per course)

HIST3065 Workshop in Historical Research

HIST3076 Tourism and History

HIST4024 Writing Hong Kong History

HIST4033 Museums and History

HIST4035 History Applied: Internship in Historical Studies

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  MA Dissertation
(students write one dissertation, 12 credits)

HIST7999 Capstone Experience: MA Dissertation in Hong Kong History

Students focus on a specific research topic and write a dissertation of 10,000 words, under the supervision of a recognized authority in the chosen field of inquiry.

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