Required Courses for RPG

HIST6001 Philosophy of History (one-semester course)

This course introduces students to major interpretative, theoretical, and methodological approaches to the practice of history through readings under the guidance of a faculty advisor.

Assessment: 3,000-5,000-word essay.

HIST6002 Historical Documents (one-semester course)

This course helps students identify and analyse major documentary sources in their field of research.

Assessment: extended essay or other specified scholarly exercise.

HIST6003 Historical Research Seminar (normally over the course of the first year of study)

The Department holds a regular Research Seminar in which the latest research of staff, students, and visitors is shared with the wider academic and outside communities. All postgraduate students are required to attend these seminars, participate in discussions or colloquia, and make a formal presentation of their research. This is intended to broaden students’ knowledge of current research in history and to prepare them to present their research to their peers.

Assessment: continuous assessment based on attendance, participation in discussions, and students’ own presentations.

HIST6004 Advanced Readings in History (one semester course)

This course enables students to develop an intensive reading programme in a specialized area with a faculty member. Students will develop a review of the literature and bibliographic materials in their field in consultation with their supervisor and/or another faculty member.

Assessment: continuous assessment and a 3000-5000 word essay.

HIST6011 Introduction to History Thesis Writing (one semester course)

This course considers all aspects of writing a History MPhil or PhD thesis, from the overall content and organization of the dissertation to the concerns specific to each stage of writing: identifying a research topic, asking appropriate research questions and forming hypotheses, searching for evidence (emphasizing primary sources), developing an intellectual argument, presenting conclusions, properly acknowledging the research of others (including accepted citation and bibliographical formats), and using the English language elegantly to make the disse rtation as clear and readable as possible. Some attention is also paid to writing abstracts and research proposals.

Assessment: written exercises (60%) and a portfolio (40%).