Complete List of Courses offered by Other department

Please approach relevant teaching departments for details of the above courses and if the courses are on offer in the academic year 2023-24.

Survey Courses

AFRI3006Representations of Blackness in Asia  
AMER2053History of US-China Relations 
ARAB2025Ancient Egypt
ARAB2027Ancient Near East history and culture
CHIN2225History of Ming Period 
CHIN2226History of Qing Period  
EUST2017World War I  
EUST2018Early Modern Atlantic Worlds, c. 1500-1800 
EUST2019Atlantic Revolutions, c. 1760-1830 
EUST3015The Holocaust and its legacies  
EUST3018European Empire: Comparative British and French Imperialism
EUST3020The Making of the West: From Descartes to Rorty
JAPN2089Twentieth-Century Japan: History, State and Society
JAPN2091Introduction to Pre-Modern Japan
JAPN2092Japan in the Tokugawa Period (1600-1868)
ARTH2108Emerging societies: An introduction to Mesopotamian archaeology
SINO2013Women and Gender in Chinese History

Seminar Courses

CHIN2235Sources and Methodology
CLIT2076Fashioning Femininities  
CLIT209320th Century Fashion and the Making of the Modern Women  
EUST3012The EU as a Global Actor and EU-China Relations