HISTORY: History Society Journal 2023

The History Society Journal publishes original, mind-provoking and scholarly research undertaken by students from HKU. HSJ aims to promote history among students through in-depth studies of historical topic and provide an academic platform for our students to publish and express their opinions on topic of the year and other historical topics.

This year’s topic of the year of the HSJ is Struggle between the Proletariat and the Bourgeoisie: Did Cold War really end in 1991? We have always heard the words such as Proletariat and Bourgeoisie when we are reading the history of Russia, more specifically, the Soviet Union, however, what exactly do they mean? Not many people know the meaning of such words that has strong communistic origins. In fact, Proletariat and Bourgeoisie mean People with no assets and People with assets respectively. The struggle between them was often regarded as events that happened in the past, especially during the period between 1945 and 1991, after the collapse of the Japanese Empire and before the demise of the Soviet Union, but is that really true?

The collapse of the Soviet Union is widely viewed as the end of the Cold War. Frankly speaking though, the argument that Cold War is a continuous event even till this day is not something made up by some random nobodies in the basement of their parent’s house, but something that is being brought up from time to time by different critics across the world. It is often referred to as The Second Cold War, or the New/Neo Cold War, often involving in the United States, China and Russia, the primary successor state of the former Soviet Union. As a resident of Hong Kong, a city which is very close with the states mentioned above, be it economical or geographical, it would be necessary for us to acknowledge the influence and consequences of the actions in this new “Silent” War, in order for us to cope with the events and develop alternative ways to survive in this dangerous and hazardous world.

Submission of original, scholarly research articles is open to undergraduates from students at HKU. For further information, feel free to communicate with the History Society at hiso@connect.hku.hk.

Submissions will be accepted for HISTORY: History Society Journal 2024 in Summer 2024. Article processing time is typically 2-3 months. For detail arrangements, please stay tuned on our Instagram and Mass Email by then.

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HJS Editorial Board
Mr. Leung Ho Lun, Maverick
Dr. Oscar Sanchez-Sibony
Featured Articles
A Never Ending “War”: the Continuous Effects from 1991 – so-called “End of Cold War”
Mr. Tan Shengyun, Jack
New Cold War – United States and China Hegemony Competition
Ms. Lau Pui Ki
Prose Articles
Explore the “International Dimension” of Palestinian terrorism during the 1960s and 1970s: Their objective outside of Israel/Palestine, Achievements and Impacts
Mr. Wong Wing Lam, Ben
Comparing the Political Propaganda between the Cultural Revolution and the Kim Il-sung Era after 1967: A Critical Analysis of the Characteristics of these Two Periods
Mr. Wong Wing Lam, Ben
An Assessment of the Relationship between Glasnost and the fall of the Soviet Union
Mr Leung Wai Sum, Sam
The First Industrial Revolution’s Consequences and Repercussions for Europe and America
Ms. Feng Yanling, Sharon
The 1894 Bubonic Plague and Its Contribution to the Hong Kong’s Modern Day Public Health Ssytem
Mr. Kwan Ho Man, Benjmain
Implications in the “Ballad of Mulan”: Exploring the Possibility of the Xianbei as China’s First Ethnic Group with Professional Female Soldiers from the Perspectives of Archaeological Findings and Northern Dynasties Literature.
黃正彥 Mr. Wong Jing Yin, Ian
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Mr. Leung Ho Lun, Maverick
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