The Department of History at The University of Hong Kong is one of the most dynamic and innovative centres of historical teaching and research in Asia. Our teaching and research is known for its impact and innovation. The Department has a strong international profile and ranked in first place among history departments in Hong Kong in the last Research Excellence Assessment.

We offer a rich, balanced and varied undergraduate curriculum with a special emphasis on small group and innovative large group teaching. We maintain a vibrant intellectual environment with research seminar and graduate research seminar series, visiting fellows, and vibrant M.Phil and Ph.D graduate programmes. A key strength is our collective engagement with methodologies and approaches foregrounding international and transnational perspectives, and histories of connections between Asia and other parts of the world.


Over the past 5 years we have seen the number of history majors and minors in our programme more than double. Why are students joining us in such numbers? A number of reasons. The study of History provides students with diverse and powerful learning experiences in the classroom. The department has built a reputation for outstanding teaching over many years. We offer a training that is not about memorizing facts and dates but which is about developing critical thinking and a flexible, adaptive approach to new knowledge. We help our students to become powerful people, capable of making wise choices and achieving success in their lives.


We blend highly effective small group teaching with technology-enhanced, interactive large group lecturing. Our ongoing commitment to the continuous enhancement of learning has won us numerous teaching awards. For instance, History faculty won the University Teaching Excellence Award twice (2010; 2012), the Faculty Teaching Excellence Award (2009), and the UGC Teaching Excellence Award (2012).

Our students tell us that our teaching is effective. They also often describe the history learning community as being ‘like a family.’ Students enrolled in our programs engage with the challenge of learning independently and collaboratively. They approach problems critically and creatively. They develop strong abilities in making arguments, communicating clearly and effectively, and in making complex connections across space and time.

Students who wish to study history based upon the very latest, and highest impact research choose to study history at The University of Hong Kong. At HKU they become co-participants with teachers in the collaborative process of producing new historical knowledge.