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Frequently Asked Questions



If you have a question concerning applying for the History Department's Undergraduate Programme, please check out the information below. If you have any other enquiries, please contact our Department Office for more answers.




How to apply? (There's no "HKU, B.A. (History)" on the JUPAS choices!)

In the University of Hong Kong we have a system of "majors". When submitting the JUPAS application you can choose B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) progamme and you will be admitted to the Faculty of Arts if your application is successful. Then, in the second year of the study you can declare your major (i.e. Major in History).


Click here to find out more about how to declare a major.

Is there any additional entrance requirement for the History Department? Do I need a DSE pass in History? Or interview?

There is neither any additional requirement nor an interview, only the basic University entrance requirements for JUPAS admissions to the B.A. programme. And as your application will be processed by the Faculty of Arts long before your declaration of majors, whether you have taken History in HKDSE (Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education) or not will not affect your chances of entering the B.A. Programme.

Do you teach Chinese History here?

Of course! We offer courses on modern Chinese history including histories of Late-Qing and post-Qing, all taught in English. (See the History syllabus for our complete course lists).


For Qing and Pre-Qing Chinese history courses, you can find out more about the Major in Chinese History and Culture from the School of Chinese.

What is the minimum admission score? What is the admission score last year? Any tie-breaker DSE subjects?

The admission score varies every year, so there is no fixed minimum admission score. For more up-to-date information about last year's scores, and the tie-breaker subjects, please visit us at the University's Information Day.


For the Information Day schedule, you can check it out at the JUPAS calendar and stay posted with us.




This type of application applies to those coming from overseas, or who have taken the International Baccalaureate / GCE / or other university and college admission tests instead of the HKDSE or mainland China's National Joint College Entrance Examination (NJCEE/Gao Kao):

How to apply for the History Undergraduate Programme? Should I apply directly to the History Department?

In the University of Hong Kong we have a system of "majors", you have to apply for the Faculty of Art's B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) progamme instead of applying to the Department of History directly. After successful entrance you can declare a major in History in the second year of the study.


As the applications will be processed through the University's International Admissions Scheme / Non-JUPAS Admissions Scheme, please start your online application here.


Declaration of Major in History

I am a B.A. Year 2/3/4 non-History Major, but I want to change my Major now. What can I do?

Actually it is possible to declare a Major any time during your second and third year of studying in the B. A. Programme. All you have to do is to fulfill the 6-credit introductory courses prerequisite and update your Major on the SIS system during the add-drop period.


If you change your mind after the add-drop period or in your fourth year, please send your inquiries to the Faculty of Arts Office.