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Innovation in Teaching - Current Projects



edX x HKU MOOC "Hong Kong Cinema through a Global Lens"


MOOC Hong Kong Cinema through a Global Lens

Dr. Staci Ford, along with Professor Gina Marchetti and Dr. Aaron Magnan-Park of the Department of Comparative Literature, join forces in bringing about "Hong Kong Cinema through a Global Lens", one of HKU's latest MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). Join us to explore globalization through Hong Kong film classics of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Maggie Cheung, among others on edX here or here.



UGC Teaching Award Project 'Rethinking the Classroom'


Virtual space has the potential to become a site for experiential, multi-perspectival learning, in which teachers may enhance students' capabilities to confront ill-defined problems and to achieve course and programme learning outcomes. The project aims to overcome certain problems from which online courses tend to suffer, by exploring the potential of individual pathway lectures, delivered on-demand, and interactive scenario-based learning.



"Learning and Assessment of Digital Citizenship." Link



"Using Small Private Online Courses (SPOCs) as Vehicles to Address Fundamental Issues in the Effective Design, Organization, and Assessment of Learning Outcomes in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)"


The ultimate aim of this project is to investigate and develop new approaches to the pedagogical design for delivering tertiary level courses online. Specifically, to achieve this aim, we must meet the challenge of overcoming significant issues with the delivery of online learning. In particular these issues include lack learner engagement, problems of providing feedback and designing engaging and meaningful assessments. In a digital age when students are accustomed to seeking information online this project affords an opportunity for the teacher to link research, teaching and knowledge exchange more closely together in the virtual realm.


The project proposes to try to overcome certain problems from which online courses have tended to suffer, by exploring the potential of discontinuous lectures, interactive scenario-based learning, layered video and automated content delivered online. It takes as the vehicle for this experiment a specific course: HIST1016 The Modern World. The development of an app for the course presents an opportunity to raise students' awareness of historical consciousness as a tool for learning. The project will explore the potential for technology to deepen students' awareness of the historical roots of today's interconnected world and to strengthen their sense of the value of the past in the present.

What's Up?
Dr. Carol Tsang Dr. Carol Tsang receives the Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards (2017-2018).
Prof. David M Pomfret Dr. Peter Cunich receives the HKU Teaching Feedback Award.
Dr. Peter Cunich Dr. Peter Cunich receieves the Knowledge Exchange Awards 2012.