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And over the past 5 years we have seen the number of history majors and minors in our programme more than double. Why are students joining us in such numbers? A number of reasons. The study of History provides students with diverse and powerful learning experiences in the classroom. The department has built a reputation for outstanding teaching over many years. We offer a training that is not about memorizing facts and dates but which is about developing critical thinking and a flexible, adaptive approach to new knowledge. We help our students to become powerful people, capable of making wise choices and achieving success in their lives.



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Students' Evaluations of Our Teaching

Our student evaluations are among the highest in the faculty of Arts, and TUHK. In 2015-16 the most recent average for course effectiveness was 80.8.


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What's Up?
Dr. Carol Tsang Dr. Carol Tsang receives the Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards (2017-2018).
Prof. David M Pomfret Dr. Peter Cunich receives the HKU Teaching Feedback Award.
Dr. Peter Cunich Dr. Peter Cunich receieves the Knowledge Exchange Awards 2012.