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Dr. Staci Ford
Dr. Stacilee Ford

BA Brigham Young; EdM Harvard; EdD Columbia; PhD HKU




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Book Chapters


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Journal Articles


  1. "Sikh Masculinity, Religion, and Diaspora in Shauna Singh Baldwin's English Lessons and Other Stories," Men and Masculinities, February 2009. (Co-authored with Geetanjali Singh Chanda.)

  3. "Fictionalizing Feminism: Xu Xi's 1990s Hong Kong Fiction," Lilith, November, 2005.

  5. "Movies, MacDonald's and Mickey Mouse: Teaching American Studies in Hong Kong," Journal of American Studies of Turkey, Fall, 2004.

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  11. "Claim-Jumping at Century's End: University Student Identity in Late-Transition Hong Kong." The Annals: Journal of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences, September 1996.



Conference/Seminar Papers/Public Talks


  1. Radio Television Hong Kong, "The Agender Café," presentations on HeForShe at HKU and 2016 US Presidential Election.

  3. HKU President's Office/HeForShe Cross-Sector Collaborative Workshop, Chair and Presenter.

  5. "Troubling American Women Today." League of Women Voters of Hong Kong.

  7. "King Hu's Revisionist West." Fulbright Symposium, American Studies Program/School of Modern Languages and Cultures, HKU.

  9. "Crossing the Planes: Gathering and Grafting in the Hong Kong International District." Mormonism in Asia Symposium, University of California at Berkeley.

  11. "Maybe It's Time for a Little History Lesson Here: The Magical Life of Long Tak Sam. Fulbright Symposium, American Studies/School of Modern Languages and Cultures, HKU.

  13. "Hong Kong's Hollywood: Melodramas of Migration and Singlehood in the City." Paper presented at The University of California at Davis, Spring Symposium.

  15. "Troubling American Women." Women's Studies Research Centre Spring Workshop.

  17. "Dueling Exceptionalisms": Hong Kong and U.S. University Student Narratives. Paper presented at the American Historical Association, San Diego, California.

  19. "The Michelle Obama Phenomenon." Paper presented at the American Studies Network/International American Studies Association symposium, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing China.

  21. "Changed by the Encounter": The Cultural Production of "Inquisitive American Women in China." Paper presented at Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore.

  23. "Hong Kong Film Goes to America." Paper presented at the Transnational American Studies Symposium, University College, Dublin, Clinton Institute for American Studies.

  25. "Women and Leadership: Management Literature in the U.S., Hong Kong, and China." Conference paper presented at the Hong Kong University Women's Studies Research Centre Spring Workshop.

  27. "Reading the Diaspora/Reading America: Mabel Cheung's An Autumn's Tale." Conference paper presented at the Hong Kong Film Studies International Symposium, The University of Hong Kong.

  29. "'She has learned fast in the war years:' Women, World War II, and the Educational Philosophy of Eleanor Wai-chun Thom." Seminar paper presented at HKU in the History Department Seminar Series.

  31. "Women, War and Maternal Exceptionalism," conference paper given at the History of Education Society, Baltimore, MD, USA.

  33. "Images of America in Hong Kong Film," conference paper given at Hong Kong/Hollywood: At the Borders, Fulbright/University of Macao/HKU Symposium.

  35. "American Women in Hong Kong, 1830-2000," seminar given in the Women's Studies Lecture Series at College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, USA.

  37. "Reading American Culture in Hong Kong," seminar given to the Anthropology and American Studies Departments, College of William and Mary, Virginia, USA.

  39. Dept. of Economics and American Studies, College of William and Mary. Offered a short Course in American Studies, "Hong Kong and the US: History, Politics, Culture" in collaboration with HKU, College of William and Mary and the Freeman Foundation.

  41. "Single in the City: Representations and Realities in Women's Narratives in Hong Kong and Singapore," conference paper given at HKU/National University of Singapore Symposium (with Evelyn Ng).

  43. "Teaching Women's/Gender History in Hong Kong," Fudan University, Shanghai PRC, working group on Women and International Relations.

  45. "Women's History in Hong Kong," paper given at HKU Women's Studies Research Center, Spring Workshop, 2003.

  47. "Gendered Exceptionalisms: American Women in Hong Kong," Paper given at the Gender Studies Program Seminar Series, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

  49. "American Studies in Hong Kong," Paper presented to faculty and students at Xi'an Foreign Language University, Xi'an, PRC.

  51. "Who is the American Woman?: U.S. Expatriates in Hong Kong." Paper presented at Xi'an Foreign Language University, Xi'an, PRC.

  53. "The American Women's Association in Hong Kong." Paper given to the Hong Kong American Women's Association Speaker's Forum.

  55. "In the Meridian of Her Usefulness: American Missionary Women in Hong Kong," paper delivered in Department of History Seminar Series, HKU.

  57. "Gender and Generation: Suzie Wong in the Noble House." Paper given with Dr. Geetanjali Singh Chanda at Chinese University Fulbright Conference, "Hong Kong Through Hollywood's Eyes."



Advisory and Consulting


  1. The University of Hong Kong Women's Studies Research Centre, Founding Member (1994), Co-Convenor (2009-2015), Steering Committee Member (1994-Present).

  3. The Women's Foundation of Hong Kong, Founding Member, Honorary Trustee (2005-Present).

  5. The Hong Kong International School, Education Committee (2003-2007). Guest Lecturer, American Studies Program (2010-Present).

  7. District Relief Society President, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Led the Women's Auxiliary offering activities, support, and pastoral care for 1,000 women, 75% of whom are Overseas Foreign Workers (2012-2016).