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Dr. Peter Cunich
Associate Professor Peter CunichChief Examiner


BA, Dip Ed NE; MA Syd; PhD Cantab


Phone No. Email Address HKU Scholars Hub

Office: 10.43



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Current Research Projects


Dr. Peter Cunich is currently director of the University of Hong Kong Centenary History Project. This project has been funded by grants of $1.25 million (2007) and $500,000 (2016) from the Vice-Chancellor's Office and aims at producing the first comprehensive and critical history of HKU, ranging from the University's inception in the early twentieth century until its centenary in 2011. The project has involved the collation of widely scattered documentary sources from Hong Kong, Britain and the USA, interviews of former staff and students, and a close involvement in the establishment and development of the University Archives since 2006. The first volume of the centenary history, covering the period 1911-1945, was published by HKU Press in 2012.


Dr. Cunich's research interests include early-modern English history, particularly in state finance and church history; British missionary history; and the history of HKU.






Old Hong Kong

Old Hong Kong

A History of the University of Hong Kong, vol. 1, 1911-1945

A History of the University of Hong Kong, vol. 1, 1911-1945

HKU SPACE and Its Alumni: The First Fifty Years

HKU SPACE and Its Alumni: The First Fifty Years
Co-authored with Lawrence M. W. Chiu

An Impossible Dream: Hong Kong University from Foundation to Re-establishment, 1910-1950

An Impossible Dream: Hong Kong University from Foundation to Re-establishment, 


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Teaching and Courses Taught


  • HIST1010 An Introduction to European History and Civilisation

  • HIST1014 The Early Modern World

  • HIST2078 Renaissance Europe, 1453-1648

  • HIST2079 Early Modern Europe, 1648-1789

  • HIST2120 International Trade and Finance in the Early Modern World

  • HIST3022 History by Numbers: Quantitative Methods in History

  • HIST3026 History Publishing

  • HIST3065 Workshop in Historical Research

  • HIST4015 The Theory and Practice of History

  • HIST4030 Europe Fieldtrip

  • HIST4031 East Asia Field Trip




Research Postgraduate Supervisions


Dr. Cunich has supervised Research Postgraduates in the following areas:


  • Anges Lin Insia (MPhil, 2002), "The Mentality of the Russian Intelligentsia as Seen Through the Novels of Dostoyevsky and Turgenev"
  • Shirley Wong Sau-wai (MPhil, 2002), "A Study of the Historiography of Vladimir I. Lenin"
  • Nelson Fong (MPhil, 2005), "A Comparison of the Colonial Medical Systems in British Hong Kong (1841-1914) and German Qingdao (1897-1914)"
  • Otto Lam (PhD, 2007), "A Study of the Origins, Emergence and Development of Western Banking in China, 1770s-1886"
  • Peter Jordan (PhD, 2008), "The Pantelone Code: Patrician Fatherhood Unmasked in Sixteenth-Century Venice"
  • Christopher Cowell (MPhil, 2009), "Form Follows Fever: Malaria and the Making of Hong Kong, 1841-48" – nominated for the Li Ka Shing Prize
  • Michael Chun Hon-chung (PhD ANU, 2010), "Chinese Nationalism in Hong Kong"
  • Franco David Macri (PhD, 2011), "Hong Kong in the Sino-Japanese War: The Logistics of Collective Security, 1935-1941" – winner of the Outstanding Postgraduate Student Award, 2011
  • Laura Verner (MPhil, 2012), "Catholicism in Elizabethan Warwickshire"
  • Laura Verner (PhD, 2016), "The Sacred Space Between: The Refashioning of Community, Belief and Culture among Midland Catholics, 1558-1603"
  • Raphael Ngai (MPhil, 2017), "The University of Hong Kong and the Preservation of Chinese Culture in the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-45)"
  • Ip Ka Kei (2017-), "The Catholic Church in Macau"
  • Tim Yung (2017-), "Anglican Identity in Hong Kong"
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Old Hong KongBook
Old Hong Kong

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