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Dr. Jason Petrulis

Lecturer Jason Petrulis


BA, Harvard University; MA, MPhil, PhD, Columbia University


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Office: 9.10


Research Projects | Courses


Dr. Jason Petrulis is a historian of capitalism and race in US and global perspective. He received his PhD (with distinction) in US History from Columbia University. Dr. Petrulis was previously Assistant Professor of the US in Global Perspective at Cal Poly Pomona University.




Current Research Projects


Dr. Petrulis’s book project, Wig: The Story of a Global Commodity, examines Asian industrialization during the 1960s-70s under the US Cold War umbrella. It is a transnational project drawing on archival research in Hong Kong, India, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and the US, and is supported by research grants from the Social Science Research Council’s InterAsia Program and the Association for Asian Studies.

Dr. Petrulis is also writing on how marketers worked with the US government officials during World War II and the early Cold War to “sell” America to domestic and foreign audiences; and on the experiences of students of color (both local and foreign) at US universities during the 19th century.




Teaching and Courses Taught


Dr. Petrulis teaches in HKU’s History Department, American Studies Department, and the Common Core (teaching on "Global Issues"); he is also affiliated with the Gender Studies Programme.


  • HIST2160 Visualising History
  • AMER2055 African-American History and Culture
  • CCGL9056 How We Move: Migration, Border Crossing, and Identity Link
  • CCGL9057 Work: From Factory Floor to Our Robot Future Link