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Dr. Julia Bowes

Honorary Assistant Professor Julia Bowes


BA Sydney, MPP Australian National University, PhD Rutgers

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Dr. Julia Bowes is a historian of gender, politics and the modern United States. She recently received her PhD in history from Rutgers University. In 2017-2018, she was a Jefferson Scholars National Fellow at the University of Virginia, and previously held a doctoral fellowship in women's studies from the Woodrow Wilson Foundation. At Hong Kong University, she offers courses on the history of the American family, U.S. social movements and politics, and gender and sexuality.




Current Research Projects


Bowes' scholarship combines legal, political and women's history to examine how gender, race and the family shape politics and governance in the United States. Her book manuscript, tentatively titled "Invading the Home: Children, State Power and the Gendered Origins of Modern Conservatism, 1865-1933," traces the emergence of an anti-statist politics rooted in the defense of the white, patriarchal family as the state came to play a larger role in regulating family life.




Teaching Courses


  • HIST2126 The American Family: Histories, Myths, and Realities
  • HIST2165 Protest and Politics in Modern U.S. History