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Dr. Carol Tsang

Lecturer Carol Tsang


BA, MPhil, PhD HKU


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Office: 10.52


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Dr. Carol Tsang is a historian of gender, reproductive politics and modern Hong Kong. She earned her PhD from the Department of History at the University of Hong Kong and currently teaches in the Common Core Curriculum. She was the recipient of the HKU Arts Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards (2017-2018).




Current Research Projects


Carol is currently completing the monograph, Better Babies: Reproduction in Modern Hong Kong, which explores a wide range of discourses about reproduction that the government, elites, obstetricians, and journalists produced and circulated in the twentieth century, a period when Hong Kong became increasingly connected with the outside world. These important groups advised women, sometimes their spouses, on how to make more and better babies, and how to control their fertility. They engineered substantial reforms by implementing policies, funding institutions, and providing free or low-cost maternal health services and contraception. On a conceptual level, her project uses oral histories, and media technologies including the newspapers, and the radio and television broadcasting to examine the production, reproduction, and transmission of knowledge about pregnancy, childbirth, and family planning. With these literary and visual representations, she aims to uncover ordinary people's obscure past by deconstructing the dialogues between the government, educated elites, and commoners.






"Knowing Chinese Women: Richard Tottenham and Colonial Medicine in Interwar Hong Kong," Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Hong Kong Branch (2014) Vol.53: 167-181.


"British History in Contemporary Hong Kong," Twentieth Century British History (2012) 23(4): 563-574 (co-authored with Mark Hampton).


"Empire State of Mind: Articulations of British Culture in the Empire, 1707-1997," in The British Scholar Society Newsletter (co-authored with Penelope Ching-yee Pang and Zou Yizheng), November 2011.




"Hong Kong's Floating World: Crime and Disease at the Edge of Empire," in Robert Peckham, ed., Disease and Crime: A History of Social Pathologies and the New Politics of Health (New York: Routledge, Studies in Cultural History, 2013­), 21-39.




Teaching and Courses Taught


  • HIST2141 Reproduction and Culture in the Modern World
  • CCCH9054 Mothering China: From the Womb to the Nation Link
  • CCHU9002 Battles for Bodies: The Birth of Surveillance Society Link
  • CCHU9043 Rethinking Women: The Big Debates Link
  • CCHU9071 Man Up: Masculinities in the Making Link