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Ms. Wilhelmina Y. H. Ko



Chair Professor of History Angela Ki Che Leung


BA HKU; PhD Paris


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Angela Ki Che Leung is Director of the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Chair Professor of History, Joseph Needham-Philip Mao Professor at the University of Hong Kong, Academician of the Academia Sinica, Taiwan. She was a researcher at the Academia Sinica, and taught history at UCLA, National Taiwan University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has published in Chinese, English and French on the history of Chinese philanthropy and social history of medicine. Her recent books include Leprosy in China: A History (2009), Health and Hygiene in Chinese East Asia (2010, co-edited with Charlotte Furth); In Face of Illness (in Chinese, 2012); Gender, Health and History in East Asia (2017, co-edited with Izumi Nakayama); Moral Foods: The Construction of Health Regimes in Modern Asia (forthcoming, co-edited with Melissa Caldwell). She is leading a collaborative project on everyday technologies in modern East Asia.