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Dr. Aurelio Insisa
Adjunct Assistant Professor Aurelio Insisa


BA, MA Sapienza University of Rome; PhD HKU


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Dr. Aurelio Insisa lectures on the history of twentieth-century China. He recently obtained his PhD in Chinese History at the University of Hong Kong and, before joining the staff of the Department, worked as lecturer at the Lingnan University of Hong Kong. He is also a regular contributor to Asia Maior, Italy's leading academic publication on current Asian affairs.


Aurelio's research investigates China's foreign relations through the lenses of historical research and international relations theory, with a focus on the existing cultural and political connections between China's imperial past and the PRC's new role as a global power. The main fields of his research are power politics, historical conceptualizations of political power, nationalism, and propaganda.




Current Research Project


Aurelio is currently working on a book based on his doctoral dissertation on Chinese pre-modern soft power and Song China’s foreign relations, and on a project investigating the linkages between geopolitik nationalism, state propaganda, and economic statecraft in the PRC.






Sino-Japanese Power Politics: Might, Money and Minds

Sino-Japanese Power Politics: Might, Money and Minds
[co-authored with Giulio Pugliese]


[to follow]



"Taiwan 2012-2016: The Rise and Collapse of Cross-Strait Rapprochement," in Asia Maior Vol. XXVII/2016, eds. Michelguglielmo Torri and Nicola Mocci (Rome: Viella, forthcoming 2017).


"Zhongguo ruan shili, Aodaliya yu 2012-2014 Zhong-Ri yulun zhan," given at the Conference "Zhong-Ri guanxi yu Yazhou anquan," organized by the Takung pao guoji luntan, Hong Kong, PRC. October 28th 2015.


Book Review: China's Rise to Power: Conceptions of State Governance, eds. Joseph Tse-Hei Lee, Lida V. Nedilsky and Siu-keng Cheung (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013), in Journal of Oriental Studies 46, no.1 (2013): 131-132.


"Esiste un modello Cina in politica internazionale?," in Il Modello Cina, Marina Miranda and Alessandra Spalletta eds. (Rome: L'asino d'oro, 2011), 69-78. Translation and editing of David Shambaugh's talk "Is there a China Model in International Politics?" given at the conference "Dentro il Modello Cina – quadro politico e sviluppo economico," Sapienza University, Rome, Italy. November 4th 2010.




Teaching Course


  • HIST2003 Twentieth-Century China
  • HIST2098 A History of Modern Taiwan Asian
  • HIST2114 China and the Wider World since 1600


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Port Elgin's War Book
Sino-Japanese Power Politics: Might, Money and Minds

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