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Dr. Aurelio Insisa
Adjunct Assistant Professor Aurelio Insisa


BA, MA Sapienza University of Rome; PhD HKU


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Dr. Aurelio Insisa is a Sinologist lecturing on Chinese and global history. He holds a BA and MA in Asian studies from Sapienza University of Rome and obtained his PhD in Chinese History at the University of Hong Kong. Before joining the staff of the History Dept., he lectured at Lingnan University.


Aurelio's core research focuses on China's contemporary foreign and cross-Strait relations by examining the dynamics emerging from the use of propaganda and strategic communications in the context of regional geopolitical and geo-economic strategies. He is also interested in the implications of third countries' populist foreign policy for China.


Aurelio is the co-author of the monograph Sino-Japanese Power Politics: Might, Money and Minds (Palgrave, 2017), and his research articles have been published in International Affairs, The Pacific Review, and Asian Perspective, among others.




Current Book-Length Research Projects


Aurelio is currently working on a book based on his doctoral dissertation on Chinese pre-modern soft power and Song China's foreign relations, and on a monograph on Chinese strategies of unification targeted at Taiwan.






Sino-Japanese Power Politics: Might, Money and Minds

Sino-Japanese Power Politics: Might, Money and Minds
[co-authored with Giulio Pugliese]




2022. "Italy's BRI Embrace: Populist Foreign Policy and Political Marketing." International Affairs. Published online ahead of print: Third author, with Giulio Pugliese and Francesca Ghiretti.


2022. "Chinese Discourse on Strategic Communications: Insights into PRC External Propaganda." Defence Strategic Communications: The Official Journal of the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence, Vol. 10: 111-152.


2021. "No Consensus across the Strait: Chinese and Taiwanese Strategic Communications in a Contested Regional Order." Asian Perspective, Vol. 45, No. 3: 503-531.


2021. "Taiwan 2020." Asia Maior, Vol. XXXI/2020: 181-204.


2020. "The Free and Open Indo-Pacific versus the Belt and Road: Spheres of Influence and Sino-Japanese Relations." The Pacific Review. Published online ahead of print: First author, with Giulio Pugliese.


2020. "Taiwan 2019 and the 2020 Elections." Asia Maior, Vol. XXX/2019: 185-214.


2019. "Taiwan 2018." Asia Maior, Vol. XXIX/2018, 131-154.


2018. "Taiwan 2017." Asia Maior, Vol. XXVIII/2017: 113-128.


2017. "Taiwan 2012-2016." Asia Maior, Vol. XXVII/2016: 53-82.




Teaching Course


  • HIST1016 The Modern World
  • HIST2003 Twentieth-Century China
  • HIST2098 A History of Modern Taiwan Asian
  • HIST2114 China and the Wider World since 1600
  • HIST2184 China and Japan since the 19th Century
  • HIST2185 A History of Propaganda in East Asia
  • HIST2189 Terrorism: A Global History from Anarchists to ISIS


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Port Elgin's War Book
Sino-Japanese Power Politics: Might, Money and Minds

Palgrave Macmillan

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