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RPG Course Requirements



MPhil and PhD candidates are required to take four Departmental courses, in addition to the required courses of the Graduate School. Depending on individual student needs, the supervisor may recommend that a student replaces one of these courses with a course in a cognate discipline or one offered by the Graduate School, on the condition that the choice of courses should be confined to those available within the relevant curricula. All required coursework must be completed successfully within the first year of study for full-time students (and the equivalent for part-time students), who must also pass the Departmental Progress Review before confirmation of candidature.


Required Courses

Philosophy of History


Historical Documents

HIST6003 Historical Research Seminar


Advanced Readings in History


Introduction to History Thesis Writing



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Dr. Oscar Sanchez-Sibony, Postgraduate Coordinator Postgraduate Coordinator
Dr. Oscar Sanchez-Sibony
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