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The History Department offers two research postgraduate degrees: the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). The MPhil and PhD degrees may be pursued on a full-time or part-time basis. The University provides financial assistance to many of these students in the form of studentships. The Departmental Research Postgraduate Committee (DRPC) of the School of Humanities organizes and coordinates the administrative details and all other aspects of postgraduate studies for research students.


Applicants interested in applying for admission to the MPhil and PhD programmes should contact the Graduate School for a detailed summary of the application procedures and admission deadlines.


In addition to the  Graduate School requirements the Department also requires candidates to submit information, including a detailed research proposal, to be considered by the relevant committees involved in the admissions process. Successful applicants are admitted on the basis of their academic accomplishment and potential, as well as on the strength of their research proposal, which should include the following:


Title: which is tentative and may change later

Overview of existing scholarship on the chosen field: indicating the relevant literature in the field, and why the topic proposed would constitute a new contribution to knowledge and would be worthy of funding

Research methodology: highlighting the feasibility of the project and explaining how the necessary archival materials will be located and used, given that the student will be resident in Hong Kong for most of his or her candidature

Outline of chapters: if possible, giving some indication of the areas to be covered

Bibliography: indicating the most important published works and archives or other primary sources to be consulted


For further information relating to the Departmental requirements for admission, please contact the Postgraduate Coordinator, Prof. John Carroll. Applicants are also encouraged to consult our Departmental website for potential supervisors.

Prof. John Carroll, Postgraduate Coordinator Postgraduate Coordinator
Prof. John Carroll
The Department of History is one of the best places in Asia to conduct postgraduate work in Asian, American, European, and international history. We are a world-class department where staff members and postgraduate students interact to enrich the research and teaching culture of our department.