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Children and Youth in a Global Age



International Conference Children and Youth in a Global Age

(Conference Website)


25-26 May 2018

4.34 and 4.36 Run Run Shaw Tower,
Centennial Campus


Keynote Public Lecture: Prof. Colin Heywood
University of Nottingham


This two-day conference will explore the rich potential of making children and youth the focal point of historical research. At a time when historians are placing greater emphasis upon the global and the trans-national this conference asks what roles children and youth played in 'intimate' histories and how these connected with larger networks such as those of empire. How were ideas about childhood and youth instrumentalised and institutionalised to underpin authority, nationhood, and different genres of imperialism? How did everyday practices, objects and ties of intimacy inform ideas, practices and structures of youth and childhood shaped in circulation? In what ways did mobility, transfer and exchange shape modern concepts and experiences of being young? The conference provides a forum for discussions across geographical and lines of youthful practices and bordercrossing mobilities that produced metropolitan and trans-imperial connections in modern times. It features different disciplinary approaches to children, childhood and youth, enabling the exploration of convergences, conflicts, and omissions, new methodologies and theoretical positions.


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