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Keynote Lecture



Colin Heywood
University of Nottingham Images of Youth: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

International Conference "Children and Youth in a Global Age"

25 May 2018

4:30 p.m.
4.36 Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus



This keynote lecture investigates images of youth from the medieval to the modern period. Starting with three case studies revealing the way three French youths depicted themselves, it works outwards to illustrate positive and negative images of youth in their social context. Scaling up analysis to engage with images from the West more generally, it notes the recurrence of certain themes down the ages, and the way adults both idealized and demonized this stage of life.


Colin Heywood is Professor Emeritus of Modern French History at the University of Nottingham. His principal research interest is the social and cultural history of modern France. He has written two monographs on the history of young people: Childhood in Nineteenth-Century France (1988), and Growing Up in Modern France (2007). He has also produced two more general works, A History of Childhood (2nd ed. 2018), and, due out in August this year, Childhood in Modern Europe, for the New Approaches to History series from Cambridge University Press.


All are welcome. No registration is required.