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French Ciné Club



Patrice Leconte's Ridicule


25 Jan 2018

6:15 p.m.
4.34 Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus



The Department of History invites you to a series of movie screenings related to the course HIST2109 'Modern France: Culture, Society, Politics', taught by Dr. François Drémeaux.


On 25 January, the French Ciné-club resumes with a refined comedy and yet an accurate historical fresco. Patrice Leconte's Ridicule is set in 1787, at the decadent court of Versailles, where social status can rise and fall based on one's ability to perform witty insults and avoid ridicule oneself. The story examines the social injustices in showing the corruption and callousness of the aristocrats through the adventures of a young idealist man.


Screening in French with English subtitles.

All are welcome. No registration is required.