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Funding Impacts

Challenges Met:


Our alumni are helping to fund innovative new courses in the History curriculum.


In HIST4028 students devise their own research projects and travel to historical archives anywhere in the world to complete it. Since 2012-13 the HEF has provided 18 students with this powerful learning opportunity. (For their stories see here.) In HIST4031 East Asia Field Trip students taking a field trip to examine historical sites and historical remains in the field or in museums and archives. The nature of the field trip varies from year to year depending upon the expertise of the teacher and the needs of students. Both of these courses may be selected as capstone experiences for the History major.


Our alumni are also helping us to run our annual Spring Symposium for Research Postgraduate Students. Through this event, since 2008 our students have built up reciprocal relations with graduates at other Universities - in the US (Northwestern University) and from 2017 Australia (Melbourne University). Through our alumni-funded symposium, Hong Kong is emerging as a regular annual meeting point for exchanges between postgraduates in history and related disciplines.


Postgraduate students and History Department staff members at the Spring History Symposium 2016. For more images from last year's Symposium, see here.