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The History Endowment Fund


In 2005 Dr. Peter Cunich oversaw the establishment of the History Endowment Fund. The HEF is administered by a Committee of Management drawn from graduates and staff and through this mechanism alumni are able to contribute directly to the Department of History, its activities, and its students and staff.


Our alumni have contributed so generously to the Endowment Fund that the Department has been able to meet a variety of challenges. One challenge was the radical reimagining of the History curriculum during the 3+3+4 curriculum reform. Using HEF funds the Department added new capstone courses such as HIST3031 East Asia Field Trip and HIST4028 History Without Borders. Both are enabling undergraduate students to travel to conduct research in the field. Alumni have provided funds via the HEF that have also allowed the Department to recruit outstanding young scholars, who designed and delivered new courses for our curriculum. The Fund supported the graduate student-run Spring Symposium, which now draws graduate students from around the globe, enriching our Department's vibrant intellectual culture.


Download  Download the Fund's finanical report here [Coming Soon]