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Anti-Harassment Policy and Complaint Procedure



We are working to create a supportive environment for students and staff. To enhance equal opportunity, diversity, safety and awareness of rights we have inaugurated an anti-harassment contacts scheme. Undergraduates join the scheme and, as their number grows year on year, this helps to create a supportive environment enabling those with concerns to share them. Our contacts help and advise on support available, and next steps.


Departmental UG anti-harassment contacts: Chan Shuk Fong, Suki
Hu Shek Pang, Frank
Ng Cheuk Hang, Bruce
Jim Yee Lok, Constance
Lau Barney Pok-Lai
Tse Wing Sun, Vincent
Young Shun Yi, Dorothy
School of Humanities RPG anti-harassment Coordinators: Reed Chervin (RPG, History)
Jackie Wang (RPG, History)
University Level: The HKU Equal Opportunity Unity


For more details, please contact Prof. Robert Peckham.


What's Up?
HKU promotes a discrimination and harassment-free learning environment. Find out more at the annual Equal Opportunity Festival.